Got some spare time? Grab a cuppa and read our story (so far)…

Hello we are Paul and Tessa – owners of Newmarket Hampers.

tessa paul

Newmarket Hampers did not start life as a business with great ambitions, more as a hobby for Tessa after our 3 children were all out of nappies and off to school! Beginning in a terraced house in Newmarket, (hence Newmarket Hampers) the little hamper company began life as a local gift delivery service. At the time websites were new (2006) and so we found a lovely chap called Richard online, by using a search engine called Jeeves – he hosted domain names and could set up a do it yourself website. We took some snaps of hampers and created a really basic website with his help, offering custom hampers. Not expecting much, yet to our surprise our first order was for a 150 Christmas hampers to be delivered to Manchester! With little children sitting on boxes we fulfilled the order – and the rest they say is history! ( Richard / Tendersoft still hosts our website today!)

Newmarket Hampers has outgrown our home – we are now onto our 3rd commercial unit based outside Ely, Cambridgeshire and specialise in Picnic Hampers (in a former life, before children Tessa was a qualified Restaurant manager and owned and worked in many kitchens) and so the leap into creating food was an obvious choice. We have a fabulous kitchen team and with the help of Tessa’s sister Selina and an events team we  staff  Picnic Weddings!

We have been part of so many special occasions, and love each and every aspect from discussing menus, sampling the food to staffing the events – Picnic Weddings are especially close to our heart as the idea began with our own wedding blessing (picture at the top of the page)!

So if you would like a speciality gift hamper or picnic hampers for your wedding or event – or even a BBQ or Afternoon Tea – our dedicated team will be happy to discuss this with you – just give us a bell or drop us a line using any of the contact forms on the website!

Check out the website today –

Look forward to hearing from you soon,


Paul and Tessa x

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