Wedding Cakes

Here at Newmarket Hampers we get the opportunity to be part of a lot of BIG DAYs and they are all different.

From our experience there is always food flowing and the cake is often overlooked – so here are some tips for wedding cakes..

  1. Have your wedding cake as part of your dessert – Naked wedding cakes are great for this ūüôā – see if your caterer can help cut and serve it up for you
  2. If you are going to have a wedding cake opt for a fondant one – buttercream cakes melt in the summer and are not so easy to cut up!
  3. Cupcakes, Newmarket Hampers Brownie or Doughnuts – are a great sweet treat and can look just as stunning as a traditional cake – they are also individual so everyone can just grab and go
  4. Have a Cheese Cake or a Pork Pie Cake that can be used as part of the evening food – these also look stunning and you can buy them from Newmarket Hampers HQ
  5. Organise a bake off – we have seen this and it is a lot of fun. Ask guests to bake cakes and then judge them – don’t forget the prizes!

So that’s a little round up of what we think about cakes!!!

Happy Wedding Planning ūüôā


The Roast with the most

As Summer starts to wind down and wedding¬†season comes to a close, our minds have been whirring with ideas as to what we can do during the winter months…¬†

We considered husky delivered Hampers, Bailey’s honey ham and even dressing our very own Hampeteer Paul up as Father Christmas for deliveries – but nothing was quite right. Until we had our eureka moment:

What about bringing the humble roast dinner to the masses, made with only the finest Newmarket Hampers expertise? We’d got it: Cue The Pop Up Roast Company (our sister set-up).¬†

In addition, due to the success of Newmarket Hampers’ BBQ Weddings this Summer, we have also launched Hot Picnics¬†for the colder months too – more on those later.¬†

If you’re about to get hitched and have a Narnia themed wedding in mind; we’re just your people. We love winter weddings and we also love providing quirky, interesting catering options – if an alternative food option such as a hearty roast meal appeals to you then visit our fresh, new company at¬†

And remember, if you opt for roast dinner at your wedding or special occasion we are still delighted to offer vintage drink dispensers, apple crates, jam jars and even a Fresh Cheese Tower as extras! 

Now, onto the novel offering of a ‘Hot Picnic’.

Sounds a little wacky we know, but we can assure you it’ll wow your guests and leave them with memories to last a lifetime. We bring along the BBQ, the Chef, the staff, the gazebo and disposable plates and cutlery – so apart from arranging seating; we do the legwork.¬†

Whether you’re looking for a Mediterranean style BBQ including salads, couscous, sun-dried tomato pasta, salmon fillet marinated in lemon and dill and chicken and vegetable kebabs; or a typically British meaty affair with pork and apple burgers, beef burgers, sausages and onions – we work around you to bring together a delicious BBQ Hot Picnic.¬†

If you want to make the most of the chilly weather at your wedding for a crisp, wintery shindig, why not take us up on our Winter Picnic Box?winter 2.jpeg

This includes individual boxes with roast potatoes, gravy and a choice of hot turkey and cranberry roll, hot beef and horseradish roll or hot brie and cranberry roll. You can’t go wrong – they’re warming, comforting and as always, of the best quality, guaranteed.¬†

For more information, or to submit an inquiry visit our website. 

We hope your wintery wedding plans are coming along Brrrrr-illiantly! 

Newmarket Hampers 








Dietary dilemma? Or not.

In just 10 years, the number of vegans in the UK has risen by 360%. To boot, there has been huge growth in the number of people consciously opting to go gluten-free or vegetarian.

Here at Hamper HQ, we willingly cater for alternative eaters. 

We love to flout our expert-at-catering-for-special-dietary-needs credentials whenever and wherever we can… that’s why we’re market leaders in picnic catering; we go the extra mile.¬†

If you or your guests don’t eat certain foods/food groups/ingredients, this is never an issue at Newmarket Hampers. We work closely with local suppliers, and suppliers from further afar in England to provide delicious foods for those with slightly different tastes, and we¬†never¬†fail to please.¬†

For vegetarians or even flexitarians (those that eat little meat and stay clear most of the time) we simply lop the meat off your chosen hamper. We make fresh homemade quiches, crudites and hummus combinations and use fresh fruit and vegetables for salads and their trimmings. Instead of sausage rolls we offer cheese and onion rolls and our Corkers vegetable crisps are an especially delicious accompaniment here.

No one will be missing their meat fix, that’s a promise!¬†

No hidden ingredients or lurking allergens in our hampers! Vegans rejoice!

For vegans and those following a plant-based diet alike, we thrive on sourcing you new and exciting menu additions. Your plate will be piled high with butternut, walnut and chilli salads, Freaks of Nature Choco Pots (soya dark chocolate ganache with hazelnuts. Divine!), a zingy spicy bean crush p√Ęt√© and lots of other meat and dairy free picnic items. Everything inside your hamper is freshly made and all foods will be of the finest quality.¬†

Newmarket Hampers is a family business and we’ve got first-hand experience of how pesky finding gluten-free alternatives can be. Now? We’re dab hands at hunting down gluten-free quiches, biscuits, breads and wraps and we always check, check and triple-check our ingredients for wheat or gluten.

Making individual hampers for those with alternative diets is a pleasure Рwe love being able to chop and change up our menus. 

We know that when you’re having fun, the last thing you want to be doing is painstakingly checking through ingredients lists or fretting about animal products in your sauces – that’s why you can trust Newmarket Hampers to come up trumps for those with dietary¬†needs.¬†

For more information, or to find our menus visit 

No more dietary dilemmas around here! 

Newmarket Hampers 


Just do YOU!

A recent report found that 4 in 5 couples are now choosing to hold DIY weddings instead of blowing their budget on pricey wedding planners and packages….

Here at Hamper HQ, we don’t see the need to splash out and that’s why our hampers are the perfect addition to your home-made Big Day. Picnic weddings are authentically you, and we love that!¬†

Why spend big? DIY weddings are rubberstamped¬†with your own personal touch:¬†you get to share and make memories with your nearest and dearest and add all of your own finishing flourishes. DIY weddings cut the amount of money you would usually have to fork out, and if you’re creative – the hands-on approach is ideal.¬†

We love this quote: “Be you, do you, for you”.¬†And it applies perfectly to your wedding.¬†

So, where do Newmarket Hampers come in?

We think that having a DIY picnic wedding is the boldest¬†and most exciting way to feed your guests. There’s no stiff-upper-lip sit-down meal, everybody is free to mingle and relax and everyone cashes in on¬†good, honest food. Say goodbye to juggling 3 sets of cutlery, countless plates and polite conversation over tapenade¬†and swanky ‘cranberry jus’ – ¬†A hamper wedding is an experience, one that can be cherished forever.¬†

…Everyone will be delighted¬†by that big wicker basket of goodness!¬†

Because we believe personal touches make all the difference, every wedding is different; tailored to¬†your¬†tastes. Want gourmet food, with all the trendy trimmings? Sorted. A quintessentially¬†British menu? Check. Lots of guests with special diets? No worries. Everything is made to fit your requirements… and this is always done¬†with love.¬†

If you’re holding your wedding on a budget and don’t see the need for staff (neither do we, we think it’s best to leave you and your guests to it), we can deliver and collect your hampers on the day. We bring them in our refrigerated¬†trailer and return a matter of hours later to collect everything. This leaves you and the ones you love to live out the wedding breakfast together.¬†

Nowadays, the average Brit’s wedding sets them back a whopping ¬£18,000. If you’re looking to buck the trend and hold a precious day, with rustic food and the colourful picnic touch – look no further than Newmarket Hampers.¬†

We can’t wait to hear from you!¬†

Newmarket Hampers



Your hamper: From A to B

If you’ve ever wondered how a picnic hamper comes about at Newmarket Hampers, read on!

We’ll guide you through our¬†simple process: from first inquiry to full-to-the-brim hampers ready for your big day!¬†

Step one, your call or message. We’re always delighted to receive new orders, and this is where it all begins. With a tasting visit, phone call or email communication we quickly sort through what you’re looking for. Whether it’s gourmet hampers for hundreds, tasty hampers for your colleagues or cooler picnic bags for a handful of your nearest and dearest – we cater to your tastes. Chopping and changing menus is welcome too!¬†

As your Big Day Out, wedding day or other occasion approaches we start to source ingredients. We always use locally produced food and everything you find in your hampers will be of the finest quality. We busy ourselves finding the best produce, baking brownies (using our top-secret recipe) and making scones en masse.

A day or two before the event, the Newmarket Hampers 5* kitchen really gets busy. Whether we’re chopping crudites, roasting salmon, carving honey ham or preparing jewelled couscous – it’s all go, go, go! Crusty bread gets sliced, our favourite cheeses are placed on platters and cream is whipped. We keep everything in monster-industrial fridges until it’s packing time.¬†

Stacking everything up, ready to be placed in hampers. Salad jenga, anyone?!

A matter of hours before the event, our wicker hampers come out of hiding. It’s like Tetris as we carefully load all of the fresh food items, condiments, crackers and crisps in. Your cutlery, napkins and plates are included too and we triple check that every item from your menu is safely inside, ready for delivery.¬†

salads vboxe
Towers and towers of food! Yum.

During travel, we pack the hampers in our refrigerated fridge trailer. This ensures everything is as fresh as possible. Remember that there is 4-hour time slot to eat everything; after this contents must be returned to the fridge for ultimate freshness… Our work here is done!¬†

We love nothing more than watching everybody dive into their hampers. We return to collect the empty hampers following the event – we’re usually flooded with great reviews and compliments at this point!¬†


Happy picnicking! 

Newmarket Hampers





Why have a hamper event?

We can’t sing the praises of hampers enough. But why should¬†you¬†have a picnic day out or a hamper wedding?¬†

Picture it, it’s the day of your big event and you’ve got lots of mouths to feed.

You’ve got a few options: a 3-course A La Cart√© sit down meal or our offering – a picnic hamper meal.¬†We are a bit biased but here’s why we think hampers are the way to go; especially for tipi weddings, barn dances, festival-style occasions or bohemian events.¬†

At Newmarket Hampers, we love the social dimension of hampers. Asking someone to pass you a chunk of baguette, or sharing our famous Norfolk Mardler cheese with someone you’ve never met before certainly breaks the ice. Usually, every table has a hamper bursting with the finest foods and as you all dive in, the conversational flows and friendships are made. Cheers to more laughs, new friends and better meals!¬†

Hamper events are more relaxed. No one has to worry about which cutlery to use for each course, or where to put their napkins or which plate is the bread plate. There’s no need for etiquette or stiff-upper-lip eating – it’s all about fun and enjoying the good grub we offer. To boot, we provide¬†all¬†the cutlery you need (biodegradable of course) making the meal easy for all. Chill out, enjoy the food and the company…

Why else are we hamper mad? Because we’re¬†foodies! At picnic events, we promise no one will go home hungry or needing a chip-shop stop on the way home. Our hampers are filled to the brim with locally sourced, delicious foods that are always made fresh. We cram in lots of food (with extras usually available) to ensure that everybody can eat to their heart’s content. We are never stingy with portions, unlike some ‘posher’ meals that leave you feeling empty afterwards. The more the merrier we say!¬†

Picnics served in wicker hampers are really traditional, but we always add a modern twist. Our hamper menus include British classics such as meaty pork pies, hearty scotch eggs, a mountain of scones and meat platters. Hampers delight people of all ages and we can bring along mismatched vintage china for that added vintage effect too. We stay clear of unpronounceable ingredients, weird courses or pretentious side dishes, always. 

Hamper events can be entirely DIY (remember to refrigerate foods after 4 hours) or we can bring along our lovely staff, clothed in matching vintage dresses and tweed if you want. We aim to make the cuisine at your event as laid back as possible Рthis is why we tailor everything to you and your tastes. 

So, here’s just a few reasons why we think hamper occasions and big picnic days out are the way forward!¬†

If you’d like any more information, visit our website at or call our team on 08432 893617.¬†

Newmarket Hampers


Where it all began….

Newmarket Hampers are leading the way in picnic events and weddings. We’ve been really successful as market leaders and the hamper trade is becoming more and more popular. We’re passionate about hampers and we’ve loved watching the appeal of picnic weddings grow. We’re busier than ever, and we love what we do!

So, how did it all begin? 

The love of catering began with me Tessa Jeffs¬†and an exciting idea from Paul Jeffs. I’ve always loved the hospitality business and started off in the catering world at only 15 when working as a waitress. I was hooked and went on to qualify in Restaurant Management, picking up all the tools of the trade along the way. Newmarket Hampers is built on decades of experience – and a whole heap of hard work!¬†

I later met my husband and had a family, but I was still itching to launch a business of my own. We had a wedding blessing in 2011 and this is when Newmarket Hampers hit the jackpot – I love Alice and Wonderland so had this as the¬†theme. All the Kilner jars had ‘eat me’ labels, the food was served in hampers and an abundance of cakes were served on mismatched vintage china. From here, the business took off…¬†

We adore the special touch hampers bring to weddings, and we can’t think of a more social way of eating where memories can be treasured. As our menus get bigger, our food gets¬†tastier and our outreach becomes wider – we can’t wait to see Newmarket Hampers flourish even more.¬†

Our service will always be friendly, our food will always be of the highest-quality and the uniqueness of Newmarket Hampers will never change Рwe promise. 

Here’s to the future,¬†

Newmarket Hampers




Welcome to Newmarket Hampers’ Blog!


As the wedding season approaches, bringing with it a lot of hamper making for us, we decided it was¬†the prime time to launch a blog. We love chatting away about Newmarket Hampers, and we can’t wait to tell you what we’re up to!¬†

Here you can find the inside scoop on what’s happening at our 5* commercial kitchen and we will post about the lovely events we get to be a part of too.¬†We’re even going to share some our favourite recipes…

For more information on Picnic Weddings, Hamper Weddings, Recipes and the goings-on at Hamper HQ click the links. 

We have some cracking blog posts in the pipeline! To receive an email when one goes live click ‘follow’ in the box to the right.¬†

We have also just launched a shiny new Instagram account. If you’d like to see some of the photos we take at our events, follow us at @newmarkethampers. We can’t guarantee¬†it won’t make you a bit peckish!¬†

That’s all for now – speak soon,¬†

Newmarket Hampers


tessa paul
Welcome to the Newmarket Hampers blog!